Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rand Paul's Baylor Days

This is a non-issue. A number of media outlets erroneously reported that Rand Paul earned an undergraduate degree from Baylor University. In fact, he left Baylor before graduating upon being accepted into Duke Medical School.

Paul's website states that he "attended Baylor University." It does not state that he "graduated from Baylor University. Words have meanings, and the verbs "attended" and "graduated" have distinctly different meanings and connotations, particularly as applied to a resume. The mainstream media made a sloppy assumption.

It is completely disingenuous for media to make a factual mistake and then blame the candidate for not fact-checking them. The C-J, Lex H-L and the like make a mistake, and all of the sudden when their error is revealed, Rand Paul is the fraud for what -- not writing the story, so they could get it right? Apparently some newspapers thought that campaign staff would pick up the slack for all those reporter they laid off.

Moreover, if Duke Medical School was not bothered by Paul's academic record, why on earth should Kentucky voters care?


mcpond2 said...

The above is more evidence that the Paul campaign didn´t provide any wrong information on this issue. Those reporters who complain now obviously are the ones who didn´t do their work well enough.

Ironically of course that fits perfectly into the standard modus operandi for any and all of their stories about Rand Paul. Take a snippet of information or one sentence out of an hour-long speech, jump to weird conclusions based on twisted assumptions instead of getting the facts and then report their thus concocted fantasy stories as reality.
And now that for once their usual shtick has resulted in making Paul look better at first glance rather than worse, they have the gall to try to blame Paul´s campaign for their own sloppy work.
("at first glance" because actually I think the fact of his expedited admission by Duke under their "exceptional students" policy is more impressive than a Baylor bachelor´s degree could ever be)

Bridget M. Bush said...

Well said. Duke is a hard enough med school to get into in any event, and to do so on an accelerated track speaks to Dr. Paul's intellectual abilities. That confounds the mainstream media, which believe that conservatives by definition are morons.