Monday, August 2, 2010

Polling Overview: U.S. Senate

Ryan Allesi has catalogued and compared all the recent polls for the U.S. Senate race. They are remarkably similar, except for the partisan PPP poll. The bottom line is that Rand Paul is winning and can win if he refrains from getting all wild-eyed and talking about obscure constitutional provisions and statutes:

U.S. Senate race of Rand Paul, the Republican, against Jack Conway, the Democrat:

  • SurveyUSA Courier-Journal-WHAS Poll (7/30) Paul 51% to Conway 43% with 5% undecided
  • cn|2 (7/22) Paul 41% to Conway 38% with 19% undecided
  • Rasm. (7/20) Paul 49% to Conway 41% with 10% other/not sure
  • PPP (6/30) Paul 43% to Conway 43% with 14% undecided
  • Rasm.(6/28) Paul 49% to Conway 42% with 9% other/not sure.

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