Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jack Conway Will Lose

The upshot of the Fancy Farm speeches is that Jack Conway is running the same campaign against Rand Paul that Trey Grayson ran. It's inexplicable. The strategy didn't work for Grayson It wasn't even close; Grayson got his clock cleaned. There is no reason why Grayons's strategy will work for Conway.

Note Conway's rhetoric at Fancy Farm:

This race presents a clear choice," Conway shouted, "A clear choice between my proven record and our responsible proposals for the future and the risky and radical ideas of my opponent.

"Risky and radical" sounds like a line from a Grayson speech. Conway's speech writers don't even have the originality to paraphrase. It makes the campaign --and the candidate -- look lazy and not very bright. Why else copy a campaign that was so spectacularly unsuccessful?

Conway has the luxury of learning from Grayson's mistakes but instead seems intent on repeating them. As a consequence, Conway, like Grayson, is going to get creamed.

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