Friday, May 13, 2011

Ed Meese Robo-calls for Moffett

Ed Meese just sent a recorded phone message on behalf of Phil Moffett.  General Meese maintains that Moffett is the candidate most ideologically similar to Ronald Reagan.  He points to Moffett's support of Rand Paul in last year's senatorial race and Moffett's role in the Tea Party.

Moffett should be proud of the endorsement.  Meese was part of Reagan's California kitchen cabinet before the first Reagan administration.  He is a true conservative and a decent, honorable man. His opinion should matter to Reagan conservatives.

Meese has remained active promoting the Federalist Society.  Indeed, Meese gave a lecture that caused even the mainstream media to consider such concepts as judicial restraint and the original intent of the Framers.  Meese also wrote a treatise on constitutional law that has become an important counter-point to that of  Harvard Law professor Larry Tribe, proponent of the so-called "living constitution."

Moffett has the Tea Party vote. If recent polling is to be believed, however, that is not enough to win the Republican primary.  He needs to reach more traditional, establishment Republicans.  The endorsement from Ed Meese was a good step in that direction, but probably comes too late.

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