Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Primary Day (Yawn)

Time to go do my civic duty and yet I find myself with no enthusiasm, no suspense about the outcome. This has not been a great primary for Kentucky Republicans.

For governor, David Williams will win.  We all know this. He is experienced and wickedly smart; that alone should give Republicans cause to cheer.  It is not enough. His reputation for meanness -- coupled with his intellect -- makes many in his own party dislike him (or fear him).

I've never understood why he would not let the gaming legislation come to a vote in the Senate.  On an issue so critical to the Commonwealth, he killed one proposed solution by death with a thousand paper cuts.  He prevented state senators from the accountability of an up or down vote. It resolved nothing and frustrated many.

I feel like I never had enough opportunity to learn much about Phil Moffett, the Tea Party favorite.  Dave Adams, his campaign manager (who helped Rand Paul win the Republican primary last year) wasted countless letters in cyberspace by updating his Facebook/twitter status every time he changed locale. Thus, those of us who "befriended" him -- out of interest in learning more about Moffett -- were forced to endure updates in our news feeds that "Dave Adams is heading to Adair County" or "Dave Adamas is stuck on traffic in I-71."  What a missed opportunity.

Bobbie Holsclaw has no chance.  That is just a fact. She entered the race too late.  Nonetheless, she deserves credit for the courage to take on David Williams.  In so doing, she was subjected to caustic remarks about her hair and her name.  Even worse, I heard one elected official dismiss her as "supremely unqualified to be governor."  Please.  She has more executive experience than did our president when he was sworn in.  More importantly, she has demonstrated the ability to make government competent and responsive.  The Jefferson County Clerk's office, under her tenure, has become noteworthy for its courteous and prompt delivery of services to the public.

As for the rest of the ticket, Anne Northup has worked hard to elect Jamie Comer. That's sufficient endorsement for me.  None of the other candidates has done much to pierce my consciousness.  Indeed, I wasted most of last evening answering robo-calls by people I've never heard of on behalf of people I've never heard of.

I'm just glad it's over and we can move onto the task of defeating Steve Beshear and Jack Conway. If there's one consolation about primary day for Republicans it is this:  we have an outstanding nominee for Attorney General in Todd P'Pool.  Thank heavens he was unopposed today.

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