Tuesday, May 10, 2011

McConnell Analogizes Obama to Carter

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has attacked the Obama administration's energy policy -- with its drilling moratorium and proposed tax hikes.

As voters cringe every time they fill their cars, McConnell reminds us that we have seen these failed policies before.  It's Welcome Back Carter time.

Politico quotes McConnell:

"Democrats need to stop deflecting attention from their own complicity in our nation’s overdependence on foreign oil,” McConnell said at the Nuclear Energy Assembly conference in Washington, D.C. “They need to end an approach that hasn’t changed since the Jimmy Carter administration.

“Just like Carter, they’re more interested in using this crisis [of gas prices] as an excuse to push for higher taxes than they are at solving the problem itself,” McConnell said. “And just like Carter, they’re underestimating the frustration of the American people.”
. . . .
 "In all of these areas, the administration’s had the same approach: the less American energy the better,” he added. "If Republicans represent the 'all of the above' approach, the Obama administration represents the 'none of the above' approach unless of course you want to sell them some wind turbines or solar panels."

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