Wednesday, November 2, 2011

David vs. Goliath: A Small Android Tablet Maker Takes on Apple

For over a year, Apple has filed numerous baseless patent infringement lawsuits against Android smart phone and tablet manufacturers. For example, Apple says that the Samsung Galaxy Tab (below to the left) looks to much like an iPad (below to the right). For your information, the devices below are to scale, the Galaxy Tab being 7" while the iPad is 9.7".

Image credit: Skatter Tech.
What's even more ridiculous is that Apple is actually winning these suits. Until today.

Apple is just being a jerk. They went after a small Spanish tablet manufacturer called NT-K, which makes dirt-cheap Android tablets. Personally, I have no idea why Apple would even care about this company. But there are consequences for being a bully, and in this case, a small company took down Apple's attorneys, who bill over a thousand dollars an hour.

Here is part of a blog post from the company: (Please by advised that this was translated with Google Translate).

We are a small company like many others in these times of crisis we are
trying to get ahead, and it seems grossly unfair that a company the caliber of
Apple has to use its dominant influence.

With the file in this case, reinforce the claim that we made ​​last August
to the National Competition Commission (CNC) and are confident that this entity resolved

Parallel to this, start the corresponding civil suit against Apple for
consequential damages, lost profits and moral damage.

As stated in the blog post, NT-K does plan on retaliating with a civil suit. They deserve to win.

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