Sunday, November 20, 2011

Of Course the Democrats are Behind the Cain Accusations

Let's face it: Romney can't beat Obama. Cain can could have. The Democrats realized that. So they formulated   a plot to bring Cain down. And it worked.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Cain sexual harassment accusations are a plot made up by liberals to bring down the best candidate to emerge in the 14 years of my life.

This is just like the Justice Thomas scandal.

"Liberal advocacy groups called me repeatedly looking for anything that could stop his confirmation." Juan Williams wrote. 

“Have you got anything on your tapes we can use to stop Thomas?” A Senate aid asked Williams.

Yes, Juan Williams, a liberal, admitted to being asked to help come up with a conspiracy about Thomas. Why wouldn't the liberals do the same for Cain?

I am fed up with these scandals and lies. Liberal bureaucrats will ruin this country  for my generation. While we spend our lives paying off their debts, we will look back and learn an important lesson on moral values.
We will realize that lies and fabricated scandals ruined our once great country.

That is the sad direction our country is headed.

But there is hope. If we can go back to the ethics and moral values that the founding fathers used to build  this great nation, than America may soon see its brightest days yet.

We could be a thriving nation with innovations in science, medicine, technology, literature, the list goes on and on.

I hope and pray that liberals and conservatives alike will come together and see the light before it is to late.

At least I know that God will always be at my side even if we become the United States of China. 

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