Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dirty Hippies...

When the Occupy Wall Street movement began, many were quick to criticize the movement as just a bunch of dirty hippies. I thought this seemed unfair and overly critical. It seemed to me that many of the protesters were probably reasonable people with legitimate grievances. After seeing C-SPAN views of the camps and listening to a number of interviews with the protesters, I realized that I was wrong, dead wrong. They ARE a bunch of dirty hippies!

Okay before you Occupiers crucify me, let me say that I am using a little levity here. You are all not really a bunch of dirty hippies (although some of you really are!) You are misguided though. The 1%, for all their faults, and there are many, are not the source of your problems. If you are unemployed, it is not because of rich folks. If you want to blame someone besides yourself, blame the guy in the White House. He is far more culpable in this than the 1%. Occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue if you really want to protest against the source of your woes!

Also, most of America is giving the Occupy Movement a giant yawn. With the exception of lefty news outlets, most folks are not sympathetic to the protest. This is more of the same old, tired, hackneyed class warfare crap that most folks just don't buy. Many are sympathetic to your plight and frustration, we just think your unfortunate circumstances would be better cured by getting rid of Obama than by attacking Wall Street and the 1%.

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