Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Election 2011 Wrap-up

It was about what I expected. I had hoped that David Williams would have cut into Gov. Beshear's lead a little more, but that is just a question of a few extra points that Gatewood Galbraith unexpectedly snagged.

Todd P'Pool did better than I had feared. So did K.C. Crosbie.

Jamie Comer performed exactly as I had hoped and expected -- the only consolation in an otherwise dismal night.

So what is the upshot for Kentucky?  A governor who evokes the words:  milquetoast, vanilla, non-offensive.

Truly, Beshear's margin of victory is astonishing given Beshear's record of non-accomplishment . He has had no successes, not a single one as governor. If ever there was an election when a candidate won simply by virtue of not being the other guy, this was it.

Republican Party leaders had better step up and do a better job with managing candidate recruitment and selection.  Phil Moffett or Bobbie Holsclaw would have won more votes than David Williams did yesterday, no question about it.  There are probably others who would have been even stronger candidates than Holsclaw or Moffett; David Williams' wife, (former) Judge Robin Williams did a great job in that last commercial, for example. The problem in the primary is that everyone was so terrified of David Williams that most potential candidates took a pass. 

That is, the attribute of David Williams that won him the primary -- the ability to terrify others -- cost him the election, where the anonymity of the private ballot allowed the voters vent their true feelings about him.

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