Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seriously, John Boehner?

How much fun the copy editors at the Courier-Journal must have had writing the headline that House Majority Leader John Boehner has agreed to tax hikes.

This, from the guy who told us just two weeks ago at the McConnell Center that he was all about finding common ground but not compromising on principle.

There is no way that Boehner will get the Republican votes he needs, so why even upset conservatives by pretending that this is a possibility?

Everyone is starting to freak that the Super Committee's deadline is next week.  Automatic cuts will occur unless the Super Committee can agree on identifying alternative cuts or funding the budget with, let me get the euphemism right, "revenue enhancements."

This economy cannot sustain the hit of hikes right now:  it would ensure the double-dip that everyone fears is happening anyhow.

So let the automatic cuts take place.  Pull the trigger.  Sure, Republicans don't want the massive military cuts. Truth be told, however, there is fat in the military budget just as there is in every federal department.

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