Monday, August 20, 2012

Andy Barr to Address GOP Convention

Andy Barr, the Republican nominee in Kentucky's 6th Congressional District, has been selected to speak at the first night of the upcoming Republican National Convention, Monday, August 27, 2012.

Those evening slots are coveted; this is a real coup for Barr.  It's a surprising choice, given that Barr is running as a challenger for a House race, one of 435.  What makes Barr an interesting speaking choice is how close he came last time to winning -- alerts went out to election lawyers to prepare to head to Barr's district in anticipation of a recount.  The margin did not justify a recount, but still, this was one of the closest races in the country.

Barr's race also merits attention due to the incumbent Barr seeks to defeat:  Ben Chandler.  Chandler sports an illustrious political name in Kentucky politics.  In terms of voting record, however, Chandler is a moderate.  Left-wingers love to rant about Chandler. If Barr is able to defeat Chandler, it will be time for Republicans to break out the bubbly.

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