Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kentuckiana Really Don't Like Obama

The new Gallup poll on President Barack Obama's approval rating by state shows that in Kentucky, his approval rating is a lowly 38 percent.  (Cue the Courier-Journal to attribute this to racism.)Yet across the Ohio River in Indiana, a northern state, Obama's approval rating is the same: 38 percent.

In 2008, Obama lost Kentucky with 41 percent of the vote. Among the mainstream media, and the C-J in particular, this was blamed on Kentuckians' supposed racism.  Old Media could not accept that Kentucky is a conservative state and Obama's policies were just too liberal.

So do the new poll results show that Kentuckians are more racist now than in 2008?  No, Obama's "you didn't build that" slip reveals that he is even more left-wing than feared. When it comes to how Kentuckians view Obama, familiarity has bred contempt.

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