Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Surprises With Ryan

Mitt Romney surprised me with his selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate. I did not think he would go with such a bold pick. I underestimate Romney. I really did not think he had it in his constitution to pick anyone other than a safe, boring choice a la Portman.

By choosing Ryan, Romney makes clear that he is serious about getting our nation's finances in order -- more serious than the Democrat-controlled Senate, which has not passed a budget in roughly 1200 days. That's several months longer than the siege of Leningrad.

Democrats are already attacking Ryan for his efforts to reform entitlements. For conservatives, Ryan's courage in proposing real reform to Medicare is downright inspiring.

The Vice Presidential Debate -- to be held at Centre College -- will be epic. The thought of Ryan debating the hapless Joe Biden is just too good to be true. I cannot wait.

Even the name Romney-Ryan exceeds my hopes. It is not just the alliteration, but the double R. For conservatives, the Initials R.R. evoke Ronald Reagan. The Gipper would be most pleased with Romney's selection of Paul Ryan.

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