Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apple Victory Over Samsung

As many of you know, Apple was recently awarded more than $1 billion from Samsung for patent violations on mobile devices, many of them cosmetic. 

Image Credit: Engadget

Look at the devices above. Do they look similar? Yes. Of course they do. They're both rounded rectangles. But how many other shapes can you make a phone? Apple claims that consumers have actually bought Samsung devices thinking they are Apple devices. That's crazy. How could you confuse them when the Samsung device has "SAMSUNG" written across the top? 

Suppose someone actually did confuse the devices at the store, and they asked the sales associate for the Samsung phone by accident. When the associate returned with a box that has "Samsung Galaxy S" written over it, the consumer would clearly have been able to tell that it's not an iPhone.

I think that Engadget's Darren Murph says it best:

"It's about as absurd as suggesting that someone could be duped into buying a Honda Odyssey instead of a Dodge Grand Caravan. They're both minivans after all, right?"

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