Thursday, August 16, 2012

Don't Dump Joe!

Since he was nominated to run with Obama, every time poor Joe Biden makes a gaffe, there is a call to replace him with Hillary Clinton.

Oddly, many of these most recent calls to dump Biden have come from Republicans.  Rudy Giuliani went so far as to question Biden's mental capacity. Sen. John McCain and Sarah Palin have similarly opined that Obama should ask Hillary to run as V.P. this time around. Sarah Palin's Tea Party credentials are stellar.  Giuliani and McCain, not so much.  Interesting to see that of the Republicans urging Obama to replace Biden with Hillary, many are RINOs.

I don't understand why any Republican would want Obama to do the one thing that could make him more electable.

Biden is God's gift to Republicans.  And he is a gift that keeps giving.  Why would we want to replace him with someone as formidable as Hillary?  To be sure, Hillary would make a much better president than Biden in the event that the V.P. was called to serve.  That is exactly why Hillary would improve the Obama ticket.

Sarah Palin surely knows this.  So why would Palin suggest that Obama replace Biden with Hillary?  One explanation is that now that Palin has offered this advice, it would be hard for Obama to make the switch without looking like he is taking advice from -- or at least agrees with -- Sarah Palin. That is something he will not do.

Consequently, now that Sarah Palin has suggested that Obama dump Biden, she has rendered that option radioactive for Obama.  She has turned his best option into a non-option.

Liberal media like to call Sarah Palin stupid (while ignoring Biden's deficiencies). Try stupid like a fox.

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