Monday, November 26, 2007

Does The Ditch-Mitch Team Have Any Starter?

Like UK quarterback Andre Woodson in the fourth overtime against LSU, the liberal Kentucky bloggers "had the ball knocked loose" last week. But it was worse for the Ditch-Mitch team, which started fumbling even before they took to the playing field.

The left-wing blogosphere can't agree on who their starting quarterback should be, and the bench is brawling with name-calling that is usually hurled at Republican office holders.

Liberal bloggers known more for personal fouls than yardage gains can be downright nasty when they turn on each other. Nasty, as in Louisville-fans-booing-Steve-Kragthorpe-at-the-Syracuse-game nasty.

The Yale Man, Matt Gunterman, perhaps stung by his school's walloping by Harvard, laments "that some people with power and influence in Democratic circles in the state and national party and the state and national blogosphere are lining up behind State Auditor Crit Luallen (D) in an attempt to muscle out other potential candidates from a Democratic primary, namely Attorney General Greg Stumbo (D) and Lt. Col. Andrew Horne (D)."

He proceeds to call a few Luallen supporters "a**holes" and complain that "national bloggers Kos of Daily Kos and Jonathan Singer of MyDD, simultaneously chose to highlight the draft movement for Crit Luallen while entirely ignoring the far more official candidacy of Greg Stumbo and the strong grassroots movement to draft Andrew Horne."

Then the Yale Man lambastes a Georgetown student, Liz Fossett, who created a website to encourage Luallen to run. Fossett allegedly "participat[ed] in a trolling operation that targeted the comments sections of neutral or non-Crit aligned blogs using the handles Kim, Katie, and Kati." The Yale Man writes that "[t]he principle [sic] targets of" Fossett's "trash talking were Andrew Horne and Joe Sonka of BlueGrassRoots and DitchMitchKY, who was accused of being a 'bought' blogger."

According to the Yale Man, "[w]hen confronted with the evidence of the trolling efforts, Ms. Fossett wrote a mea culpa of sorts in a diary at BlueGrassRoots. While Ms. Fossett admits that the various inflammatory comments did come from a single IP address that is a computer in her family’s home in northern Kentucky, she denies that she wrote the comments. Instead, it is her contention that other people in this household participated in the digital flogging." The Yale Man finds "this scenario difficult to believe."

For her part, Fossett acknowledges "[t]he campaign for Senate has yet to begin and already we have fumbled a bit." Her "technique," as she describes it, "got a little messy a few days ago."

Fossett concedes that "[i]mplying that Bluegrass Roots, or any other blog that is so open to the people, might be 'bought' is a silly complaint and untrue." Then she calls on the Left-Wing bloggers to move "beyond the hurtful words . . . [so] we can all focus on the goal to Ditch Mitch in 2008!"

More power to the Georgetown undergraduate if she can get the Yale Man to clean his mouth, but don't count on it. When these so-called "progressives" lack good arguments or game plans, all they have left to rely upon are simply expletives.

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