Sunday, November 25, 2007

No Recess For Do-Nothing Democrats

After a year of doing so little while in control of Congress, Democrats couldn't stand for the President to do anything either. So Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid made "the unprecedented decision to keep the Senate in pro-forma sessions during the holiday break," reports the Las Vegas Sun.

The purpose for keeping the turkeys in Washington was to prevent any recess presidential appointments -- including the naming of Kentuckian James Holsinger, M.D., as Surgeon General.

The Las Vegas Sun quotes a spokesman for Republican Leader Mitch McConnell as saying "Democrats would get as much done in the pro-forma 'as they have all month - nothing.'"

Indeed, as Jack Kelly of observes, "[t]he Democratic Congress has done virtually nothing except to try (and fail) to pass measures to cripple the war effort and to hamstring efforts to surveil terrorists," and "[v]oters have noticed" by making "[t]he current Congress . . . the most unpopular in the history of polling." For the latest polling numbers, see the post immediately below.

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