Friday, November 30, 2007

Flying Pigs and Other Miracles

Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) is the Dems' favorite poster-vet -- their go-to guy whenever they want to demoralize our troops or embolden our enemies. So it was nothing less than astonishing when Murtha said "I think the 'surge' is working." Murtha made his remarks after returning from a fact-finding trip to Iraq.

Murtha's about-face on the surge complicates House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's continuing attempts to tie funding for our troops to withdrawal deadlines. Maybe now, the Democrats will finally pass a spending bill that the president can sign -- before our troops start to suffer.

An unrelated miracle took place at Papa John's Stadium last night, where the Cards came from behind to beat Rutgers 41-38. Senior Art Carmody kicked the winning field goal, and thus became the highest scoring kicker in the history of college football.

For those fair weather fans who left early -- slipping out of the stadium like Jim King leaving a McConnell fundraiser -- it is a bittersweet victory.

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