Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yarmuth's "Messaging"

James R. Carroll of the Courier-Journal reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tapped Representative John Yarmuth to serve on her "messaging group" of "10 Democratic lawmakers who advise Pelosi . . . about how to do better in getting her party's message out." According to Carroll, Yarmuth "has been part of the group since October, meeting about once every two weeks."

One wonders what sort of "messaging" Yarmuth has in mind as Pelosi's publicist, given his record. In September he was one of just 79 House members who voted against a House Resolution condemning's advertisement that referred to General David Petraeus as "General Betray Us." A substantial bipartisan majority -- 341 Congressmen -- voted in favor of the resolution. According to, Yarmuth was the only one of "the most vulnerable Democrats" in the 2008 election to defend the ad.

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