Thursday, December 13, 2007

Horne Announces -- On a Left-Wing Blog

Andrew Horne announced that he will run against Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell for Kentucky's U.S. Senate race. No doubt setting the tone for his campaign, Horne announced on a left-wing blog.

Horne has not filed officially, just announced his intent to run. His timing may have been moved up in light of a sit-down with potential candidate Greg "rich guy" Fischer scheduled for later in the week.

It will come as no shock that Horne reminds the voters in his press release of his military connections -- no less than eight times.

Make no mistake, Horne is to commended for serving his country in the military. But as Tom Brokaw noted in The Greatest Generation, the vets who talk about their service the most generally are the ones who did the least. It's the vets who are reticent to talk about their time in combat who have the most to say.

Moreover, the left's joy at the prospect of a Horne candidacy -- did you know he's a vet?! -- is a sad reminder that he is an aberration: we don't think of the Democrats as the party of national defense. In a race to surrender, the Democrats might actually beat the French.

The cheap shot of Horne's announcement: "Simply put: Mitch McConnell carries George Bush’s water on Iraq; I carried a rifle in Iraq.”

Horne's accusation that McConnell -- who spent two years bed-ridden with polio as a child -- should be faulted for not carrying "a rifle in Iraq" is beyond bizarre; it sounds like the sort of talk that Democrats are always trying to criminalize as hate speech.

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