Friday, December 28, 2007

The Left Weighs In On Yarmuth's Dumbest Vote

John Yarmuth is getting hit from all sides these days. Even the Left is irritated with him. Jeff Noble, of Ohio River, Left Bank, MP 606, has this to say about Yarmuth's inconsistent voting pattern on resolutions honoring religious holidays: "these votes of his trouble me if only a bit."

Noble's beef is not that Yarmuth voted "present" when the Christmas resolution was called for a vote. Rather, it is that Yarmuth voted "aye" instead of "present" for the Ramadan and Diwali resolutions. Yarmuth's support for the latter two measures "could arguably be unConstitutional [sic]," contends Noble. The kind "undertaken only after direction from Big Dick Cheney's office." Ouch!

So in our current poll, chalk one up for the Ramadan resolution as Yarmuth's dumbest vote to date.

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Jeff Noble said...

Ms. Bush:

Thanks for plugging my blog, the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepoint 606. Although I can be counted a liberal, the blog covers lots of territory and I appreciate new readers. I've had several referrals from this blog since you posted this entry.

Oh - Happy New Year, too.

Jeff Noble