Monday, December 3, 2007

Dems Too Busy For God and Country

Now we know how the Democrats could whisk the Senate through its 30 second "pro forma" sessions -- their tactic to prevent the president from making any recess appointments over the Thanksgiving and August breaks.

Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), who presided over the Potemkin session, skipped the opening prayer. And he skipped the Pledge of Allegiance. See for yourself.

I was shocked, at first. But upon further reflection, the failure to open with prayer and the Pledge is consistent with the Democrats' values. Many are secular relativists who revile people of faith. Likewise, Democrats are prone to blame America for every evil, and display a weird need to be liked by the rest of the world, even by those who want to destroy our country.

In short, they are people who regard rituals of worship and patriotism as corny, at best -- mere wastes of time.

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