Monday, December 17, 2007

Dems Filibuster Themselves?

Check out the outrage on the far-left at the Daily Kos over the prospect of the Democrats filibustering a bill brought by Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid:

You couldn't ask for a better demonstration of the manifest failures of Democratic leadership in the Senate than the fact that Chris Dodd plans to lead a filibuster against a lousy bill that Harry Reid insists on bringing to the floor.

Yes, elections have consequences:

We watched and fumed for years as Democrats played dead on issue after issue under a corrupt Republican-led Senate, and now, at long last, they're giving us a filibuster? Against themselves?
Did voters oust Republicans last year in order to get this kind of Democratic leadership?
This is crazy.

This is why Republicans need to regain Congress.

So far, the Kentucky Demo-blogs limit their outrage to filibusters by Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. Contrary to their claim, McConnell has been consistent on the use of filibusters: they can be appropriate for blocking out-of-the-mainstream bills introduced by the opposing political party, but are inappropriate to stall the confirmation of federal judicial nominees.

Democrats, on the other hand, are all over the place. When in the minority, they thought it perfectly fine to filibuster any and everything they didn't like, including, for the first time in history, federal judicial nominees. Now in the majority, Senate Democrats complain about Republicans who filibuster, only to turn around and filibuster their own party's legislative proposals. Let the Demo-blogs try to explain that whirligig.

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