Friday, December 14, 2007

Horne Bumped by Steroid Story

You have to feel a little sorry for Andrew Horne. He makes his big announcement and the mainstream media yawn.

Horne blundered by making his announcement on Page One, a Demo-blog, rather than paying obeisance to the dinosaur media. Two problems flow from that decision: he has wedded himself to a far-left blog over which he has no control of the content. And he seems to have made some traditional media mad.

Take WHAS 11. On the 11:00 newscast, Horne's announcement did not make the first news block -- the big "11 at 11." Nor did he make the second block. He didn't even get a mention until the anchors were saying good night, and read the headlines for the Courier-Journal.

As for the C-J, it lead with the baseball steroid story and a piece about a rubbertown plant. Horne was neither above nor below the fold: he was the fold, or rather, he was folded.

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