Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yarmuth's Votes Should Scare the Dickens Out of Kentucky Voters

Erwin Roberts, a Republican who seeks to unseat Congressman John Yarmuth, recognizes -- as well he should -- that Yarmuth's recent votes of "aye" for a resolution honoring Ramadan, but "present" for a similar resolution (HR 847) honoring Christmas, are bizarre moves.

Yarmuth also inexplicably voted "aye" for the Diwali holiday with no similar vote for Christmas.

Of course, Yarmuth should have voted "aye" to honor all religious holidays in this season, including Hanukkah, which apparently didn't even make it to the House floor for a vote. Blue Grass, Red State reports that Roberts recently sent out an email highlighting Yarmuth's anomolous voting record in this regard.

Yarmuth's erratic views of religious holidays are as strange as his vote against the House resolution, passed by an overwhelming majority earlier this year, that denounced's "General Betray Us" ad.

Blue Grass, Red State comments that "HR 847 has made waves nationwide, including here, although thus far Louisville's MSM has mostly protected Yarmuth and his nonsensical votes." But the news cannot be hidden from Yarmuth's constituents forever.

Like Marley's ghost, Yarmuth's out-of-touch-with-Kentucky voting record no doubt will be back to haunt him in 2008.

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