Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stumbo Dialing for Dollars

Oh, the life of a fat cat. Greg Stumbo has been sharing his supposedly good news with major donors around the country -- hoping that they will share their wealth with him.

Stumbles says that preliminary polling numbers show that most Democrats would pick him to run for U.S. Senate, and that in Louisville he is tied with Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. Given that Louisville is the most liberal part of the state, even left-wing bloggers wonder why Stumbo is encouraged.

Perhaps Stumbo was surprised at how Democratic voters responded to his personal foibles. As Mark Hebert from WHAS 11 reported:

according to Stumbo, the biggest news might be that poll respondents were unphased by the pollsters recounting of all of Stumbo's personal baggage, which would surely come up during a campaign: his refusal to pay child support for a son born out of an extra marital affair; a car crash in which Stumbo claimed he wasn't driving; the Kent Downey fiasco when Stumbo was Majority Floor Leader in the House. Stumbo says voters were told about all of the nasty things that might be thrown at him in a political race and it didn't hurt his numbers. The reason, according to Stumbo, is that the incidents are "old news" and most voters have already been exposed to them.

Here's what Stumbo told Pol Watchers that he did next:

You'll never believe what I’ve been doing today," he said to start the conversation. "I’ve been calling some of the wealthiest people in the entire world. I’m asking them to invest in me."

He said by 5 p.m. Friday he had made 41 calls to set up meetings with wealthy Democratic donors in New York and Washington, D.C. -- party supporters whose phone numbers were provided by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

With any luck, Stumbles can get a little extra to help him pay his child-support on his love child.

Meanwhile, more than 177,000 Kentuckians are about to get hit with a huge tax increase known as the Alternative Minimum Tax, because Senate Democrats keep blocking McConnell's efforts to repeal the AMT or at least provide another year of tax relief by "patching" the AMT.

Stumbo could help out Kentuckians by sharing the phone numbers of the "wealthiest people in the entire world." Then, if the Senate doesn't fix the AMT, we can call George Soros for a loan to pay our tax bills.

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