Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rasmussen Poll Shows Race for White House Tightening

Today Rasmussen released a new national poll supporting the notion that the primary in Kentucky -- and every other State, for that matter -- could play a decisive factor as to who wins the Republican presidential nomination.

Rudy Giuliani's support among Republicans nationwide has fallen to 18% -- the same number garnered by Mike Huckabee, who "is enjoying an amazing surge and now shares the top spot with Giuliani," according to Rasmussen. "Close behind are John McCain at 14%, Fred Thompson at 13%, and Mitt Romney at 12%," while "Ron Paul attracts 7%." These results clearly point toward a brokered convention, where every delegate's vote will matter.

On the Democratic side, the same scenario could occur, though this is less likely given that (a) the Democrats have fewer viable candidates than do the Republicans, and (b) Hillary Clinton still has a double-digit lead over her nearest challenger. According to Rasmussen, Clinton "now attracts 35% of the vote, down from 41% a week ago and 43% two weeks ago," while "Barack Obama’s support remains steady at 23%." As for the other Democrats, "John Edwards gained two points on Tuesday to 17% while Bill Richardson is the top choice for 7% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters nationwide."

Rasmussen also reports that "Rudy Giuliani is still seen as the most electable Republican. McCain, Romney, and Huckabee are essentially tied for second in this category."

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