Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Left Plays "Gotcha!" With Jim King

You would have thought the guy had been caught sneaking out of a bordello, the way the left blogosphere is jumping all over Democratic Metro Councilman Jim King.

A group of anti-war protesters spotted King slinking out of a Mitch McConnell fundraiser, held at the Louisville home of Larry Bisig. King apparently was so startled to confront the protesters -- good Dems, one and all -- that he refused to explain how he came to be at the McConnell fundraiser.

Now we learn, by King's own admission, that he crashed the event. That's right, he wasn't invited and he didn't pay the requisite donation.

With their typical coarseness, the "progressive" bloggers attacked King. Some used profanity. Others urged readers to jam the phone lines at Jim King's office.

King responded with what lawyers and mothers of teenagers call a post-hoc rationalization. He now claims, to WHAS 11 Mark Hebert, that he discussed rerouting the airport's flight path with the senator, and that's why he went to the McConnell event.

In fact, King did not discuss the airport with McConnell at the fundraiser, according to two sources. King, however, did promise McConnell to support the senator's bid for reelection in '08.

King also asserts that he'd been trying to raise the airport issue with McConnell for two years, but McConnell's office has no record of King seeking a meeting with the Republican Leader. Maybe King was unable to place an outgoing call due to his supporters on the left jamming his phone lines.

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