Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Little Feminist Outrage, Please

The citizen journalist expose of ACORN has revealed that the liberal front of "Community Organizers" is no friend to women. ACORN workers failed to condemn the objectification of women through prostitution. To the contrary, ACORN employees advised how to evade the tax and housing laws to allow a pimp to maximize his profits through illegal government subsidies.

Even worse, ACORN workers expressed no shock, no qualms about the importation of illegal immigrants, including children, to perform sex acts that could include abuse. That is, the ACORN employee confronted the possibility of conduct that was not just prostitution but a form of enslavement.

Where are the feminists? Why are they not rising up to condemn ACORN's willingness to aid and abet the exploitation of women and young girls?

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Terri said...

They're probably too busy speaking out against actual violence, trafficing, and exploitation against actual women and girls than to care at all about such absolute ridiculousness. Tell me, where were all the concerned women for America when a 9-year-old rape victim was excommunicated, a 12-year-old "child bride" (aka, rape victim) died in childbirth, or a young woman faces a prison sentence and had her home firebombed because she took an unapproved medication? Hmm?