Thursday, September 10, 2009

Too Little, Too Late

An entire nation waited and waited and waited for President Barack Obama to begin his speech -- much like we will wait for health care if 30 - 45 million people are suddenly added to the system. We received no apology or explanation for the delay.

And we received little in the way of specifics. The notion that Democrats' health care plan will not add one dime to the deficit is laughable. Are we really to believe that there is $ 900 billion in waste and abuse? There must be a lot of Medicare Cheats shaking in their hospital gowns today, a lot of underemployed bureaucrats quaking in their cubicles.

The Democrats' plan to pay for their plan assumes that so many of the governments' own employees are useless, and so many Medicare recipients are swindlers, that those people waste and abuse nearly a trillion dollars. It is an insult not just to the groups singled out but to the intelligence of the American people.

Now as for the bozo who called the president a liar in the middle of his speech, shame on you. Somebody, challenge this guy to a primary. The Big Tent is not big enough for that rudeness.

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