Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Say Cheese for Yarmuth

Congressman John Yarmuth's office will require those who want to attend tonight's town hall meeting at Central High School to show identification to prove that they live in this Congressional district.

It is understandable that Yarmuth wants to make sure that his constituents aren't turned away because Cindy Sheehan and her friends (assuming she has some) have taken all the seats.

Now that Yarmuth has awakened to the utility of identification, it is time for him to support legislation that requires voters to show photo IDs before voting in federal elections. Democrats have stonewalled such legislation for years under the guise that it suppresses the vote of legitimate, qualified voters. To the contrary, Republicans don't want to prevent any legitimate voters from exercising their constitutional rights. We just don't want the poll workers to see dead people voting (over and over).

If showing ID is an appropriate safeguard for Yarmuth's town hall meeting, surely it is also appropriate for the even more important exercise of democray: casting a ballot.

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