Thursday, September 17, 2009

McConnell Reacts to Obama Jettisoning Missile Defense

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell condemned the Obama administration's for abandoning America's promise to place a missile defense system in Eastern Europe:

The administration’s decision to abandon an important missile defense program for the defense of NATO and our allies in Poland and the Czech Republic, in my view, is both shortsighted and harmful to our long-term security interests. We must not turn our backs on two loyal allies in the War on Terror. Further, the administration has secured no apparent commitment from the Russians to work with us to reduce either the missile or nuclear threat from Iran. More troubling will be if the administration has made these concessions to Russia in pursuit of expediting ill-considered arms control deals.

Obama's decision will embolden Russia -- as if Vladimir Putin needed any encouragement. And it breaks America's word to our allies. This is the Carter administration all over again.

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