Wednesday, September 23, 2009

While McConnell Protected Free Speech, Bunning Snored

Give credit to Sen. Jim Bunning, who showed up the the Senate Finance Committee and condemned Sen. Max Baucus's latest iteration of Obamacare.

Unfortunately, Bunning then dozed off. Literally. Dana Milbank writes for the Washington Post,

"I do not support a government takeover of the health-care system," he [Bunning] railed. The proposal "confiscates more money from the taxpayers," he went on. "It tramples on American freedom and liberties."

After this vigorous display of open-mindedness, Bunning was spent. About an hour later, spectators noticed that the senator, who had been resting his chin in his hand, had fallen fast asleep. As giggles rippled through the chamber, an aide shook Bunning, who woke with a start.

Sen. Bunning has earned the right to take all the naps he wants, but it would be best if he wait until his successor is sworn in.

H/t: National Review

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