Monday, October 26, 2009

Barack the Golfer

For all you Bush haters who tried to paint him as a lazy playboy, guess what, he has competition. CBS news reports that Barack Obama, the man of the people, has played more golf in his first 9 months of office than George Bush played in his first two years!


JakeGint said...

If you start agglomerating the multiple inconsistencies between the "reporting" on Bush and that of The One, you are just going to drive yourself crazy.

I vote we drive ourselves crazy by analyzing the hubris of the L'ville Metro Council, which now wants to choose which food ingredients we can put in our bodies.

(Did you think it was going to end when they "won" with smoking?)

What's killing me is how these humorless aparatchiks feel like they've got to "follow New York's (and Philly's and Boston's) lead" on these authoritarian policy.

Really "Keepin' L'ville Weird" there, wannabe's.


Terri said...

Mmm hmm. And maybe this President will lie about giving up golf for teh troops as well...