Thursday, October 29, 2009


Why is it important to recruit friends, business associates, etc to make calls to our representatives?

Last night at the excellent American Small Business Partnership meeting a question was rhetorically asked whom had made a phone call to their representative today? I was happy to think to myself, check, did that!

I am trying to do some research on polling our community on health care insurance reform and I found out the C-J is not going to do this poll since it is not an election year and money is tight so they just don’t want to do it!!!! You might think if they had an interesting story then they could print it, improve readership, increase circulation, and sell more advertising but NOPE, that ain’t going to happen.

So I called Congressman Yarmuth’s office to see if they have done some polling, very quickly I was given the answer of NO. I asked again if they knew of some polling. NOPE. (Yeah right!)

Well they were on the phone so I took the opportunity to voice my opinion again to them that I hoped Congressman Yarmuth would reconsider his position on this important legislation and look for other options to solve the problem we all recognize needs some help.

Here is the curious part. I was asked to wait just a minute since the person on the other end of the line wanted to get to the computer. He took my name and he asked, “On Chenoweth Lane?” Yep, they had me recorded on their computer and knew whom I was. (Chenoweth Lane is my business address) So being the skeptic that I am, I realize that their computer will be able to break down the number of calls they take with positive and negative responses. I am sure that they will then review how many people called more than once and negate the multiple calls.

For this reason we need to recruit others to make these phone calls to our representatives.

Don’t quit calling yourself but insure that you get others as well to make these critical calls. Today the House has rolled out their version of the Health Care Insurance Reform and were cheered on by President Obama.

It is happening.

Let me provide the contact so all you have to do is make the call.

Congressman John Yarmuth 502-582-5129

Romano Mazzoli Federal Building
600 Martin Luther King, Jr. Place,
Suite 216Louisville, KY 40202

502-582-5129 FAX 502-582-5897

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