Thursday, October 8, 2009

Native Son

In his recently published book, Republican Leader a Political Biography of Senator Mitch McConnell, John David Dyche provides a fine biography of this native son, with an emphasis on the political dimension of his life. In Mitch McConnell's case, the political dimension of his life is overarching. Dyche writes in a very readable style and he provides a very objective look at Senator McConnell's rise to power. He mentions McConnell's successes as well as his failures and he cannot be accused of fawning over his subject.

It can well be argued that Mitch McConnell is the second most powerful politician in this country, behind President Obama. While Senator McConnell is not currently in a position to be proactive on the passing of legislation, he is a key leader in opposing it. The success, security and well being of all Americans, especially the poor and middle class, depend on his efforts and the efforts of his peers to prevent much currently proposed legislation from becoming law.

There are many Kentuckians who probably do not have a true appreciation for McConnell's accomplishments, or have an appreciation for how truly fortunate we are to have this Kentuckian leading the loyal opposition.

Dyche's book provides an excellent insight into the man and his political motivation and evolution. A highly recommended read.

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