Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grayson Operative Stalks Rand Paul

Someone from the Grayson campaign has been following Dr. Rand Paul around, videotaping his every move.

The Paul campaign had a little fun with the guy and made a video of him filming them. It's sort of like the zoo animals taking pictures of the tourists taking pictures of the zoo animals. Except instead of the tourist feeding the zoo animal, it was the Paul campaign that invited the Grayson worker to have a bite to eat. (He was too busy filming to say "no thanks.")

The guy filming Paul is not wearing a Grayson campaign shirt or buttons, so it is not obvious that he is aligned with Grayson. However, Chris Hightower from the Paul campaign said that the man parks his car at Grayson's headquarters.

Less clear is why the Grayson campaign thinks it is effective opposition research to film Paul, an opthamologist, serving beans and cornbread to senior citizens at a Lion's Club fundraiser to buy eyeglasses for the indigent. Not exactly a Macaca moment, unless the beans contain botulism.

Update: Joe Arnold has a slightly different You Tube of the same guy videotaping the same Lion's Club event, in which it becomes clear that Paul was flipping pancakes to a very disturbing remake of "Leaving On a Jet Plane."

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Ira said...

I think it is amusing to watch such a display of rudeness by a representative of Rep. Grayson. Mr. Grayson should be concerned about how petty this makes him look to his constituents. Shorten this clip and let everyone know his methodology. There is nothing petty about confirming a rude stalker's motives or who he works for. Once verified, confront Grayson publicly.