Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama the Uniter

President Obama's third war -- against Fox News -- has the unintended consequence of uniting the mainstream media. When the administration tried to exclude Fox from the pool coverage of an unelected and unconfirmed Pay Czar, the other networks refused to go along -- they sided with Fox against the White House.

Who knew that the Old Time Networks had such resolve, such journalistic integrity? All those special interviews live from the White House either failed to persuade or have lost their allure.

As for Fox, every time Obama singles it out for criticism, Fox's ratings go up. It's almost like Obama is a mole for Roger Ailes.

This comes just as the administration has managed to send more than a dozen Democratic Senators screaming to other side of the aisle when Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid called for his first real vote on health "reform." Reid could only deliver 51 votes out of the 60 who caucus with Democrats.

So in addition to uniting the media, Obama has, as promised, ushered in a new age of bipartisanship.

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