Monday, January 24, 2011

Hilda Legg Files for Sec. State

Hilda Legg has filed to seek the Republican nomination for Secretary of State. I do not know Ms. Legg at this point and therefore will just attach her announcement. However, I was delighted to see from her biographical information that she was part of the Reagan Administration. As we approach the centennial of President Reagan's birth, it is encouraging to see members of the conservative movement he sparked continuing to serve. This is just what Kentucky needs.

Here's her announcement:

Hilda Legg, economic development leader and conservative activist, filed papers today to seek the Republican nomination for Secretary of State. As a life-long public servant, Legg has managed several complex organizations dedicated to improving people’s lives, from the Center for Rural Development in Somerset to her recent tenure as Administrator of the USDA Rural Utilities Service in Washington D.C. This is her first run for public office.

A native of rural Adair County, Legg began her career as a social studies teacher and was then appointed to President Reagan’s Department of Education in Washington. At the Appalachian Regional Commission and USDA, she worked to provide essential infrastructure to rural America, including electricity, water, and broadband telecommunication. Legg’s broad and diverse experience will serve Kentucky well in a position where creativity and efficiency are vital.

“It has been an honor to serve my country, state and local community in education and economic development for over thirty years,” said Legg. “I look forward to this new challenge as a statewide candidate, traveling the Commonwealth and listening to the concerns of my fellow Kentuckians.”

The Secretary of State is best known as the Chief Elections Officer of the Commonwealth. As Secretary, Legg will continue the outstanding efforts of Trey Grayson and work with the county clerks to ensure fair elections. “Nothing is as important to our democracy as the integrity of our elections. I understand that Kentuckians place their trust in the Secretary of State to ensure that every legitimate vote is counted. I am ready to accept that responsibility,” said Legg.

Legg is a graduate of both Campbellsville University and Western Kentucky University. As an educator, administrator and parent, she understands the importance of a strong civics education. Legg’s goal will be to visit high schools in all 120 Kentucky counties and establish civic forums to encourage every eligible young person to register to vote.

Legg will also work to be a true advocate for small business. She will explore a partnership with the Cabinet for Economic Development and look for ways to ensure that new businesses in the Commonwealth have every opportunity to thrive. “Too often government is an obstacle to small business and therefore a hindrance to job creation. We have to change that,” said Legg. “I will do everything I can to decrease government intervention and let Kentucky small businesses do what they do best – create jobs.”

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