Friday, January 21, 2011

Jack is Running

Ryan Alessi reports that Jack Conway has filed his papers to run for another term as Kentucky Attorney General.

This good news for Republican Todd P'Pool comes just hours before his Louisville fundraiser.

The challenge for P'Pool -- and his campaign chairman, Larry Cox -- is to figure out a way to remind Kentuckians of Jack Conway's Aqua Buddha ad. That ad, which Conway ran against Rand Paul, now regarded as one of the worst political ads ever, though it was unintentionally hilarious. The Aqua Buddha ad showed Kentuckians that Jack Conway was too dim and lacking in humor to recognize a college prank.

Then again, given Conway's media buy for the Aqua Buddha ad -- he saturated the air waves for weeks -- maybe Kentuckians won't need any reminder that Conway is all hair and no substance.

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