Friday, January 7, 2011

Kentucky Republicans Need to Get Their Priorities Straight

Given the short duration of Kentucky's legislative season, it is completely inappropriate to waste time and money crafting legislation that plainly is geared to the gubernatorial election -- while ignoring real issues that need attention now.

I'm referring to the proposed immigration bill. I sympathize with Arizona. That state has faced what is tantamount to a foreign invasion while our federal government abdicates its responsibility to control the borders. Arizona had no choice but to act.

Kentucky, however, is not being overrun by illegal immigrants. There are some, certainly. More than there used to be. But it has by no means reached a crisis for our hospitals and schools. Our situation is not comparable to Arizona's. The proposed immigration legislation is at best premature and at worst unnecessary. Even worse is the opportunity cost for real legislative solutions to actual problems in Kentucky.

While politicians in Frankfort give speeches about illegal aliens who aren't here, our horse industry is dying. Our outdated tax code deters businesses from relocating here. These are issues that demand a legislative response yesterday. And yet gambling legislation doesn't even get out of committee so that politicians can be held accountable for a vote. Tax policy is dull and complex; it takes much more time, research and thought than copycat immigration legislation.

Everyone understands that David Williams is running for governor and needs issues and headlines. He's picked the wrong issues.

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Kentucky Progress said...

Could not agree more. Great post!