Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time for Jack Conway to Go

Attorney General Jack Conway faces two choices: (1) he can run again and lose or (2) he can take a pass and spend some time with his family as his second child is born.

Conway told a certain Republican who looked at running for Attorney General, but then declined, that it's not such a great job; he wouldn't recommend it.

Indeed, a growing chorus of attorneys on both sides of the aisle have noticed Conway's apparent disinterest in his duties.

He has shown the inability or unwillingness to master the nuances of the complex class actions to which Kentucky, like many states, is a party.

He refused to join the 24 states that brought suit against the Obamacare mandate to purchase health insurance. Conway maintained that the suit was legally frivolous, but that is belied by the very number of states that challenged it. Plainly, Conway's political aspirations colored his legal judgment. He put Democratic talking points above the interests of Kentucky citizens on an issue that Kentuckians have followed closely.

Kentucky judges, moreover, have taken the extraordinary step of dismissing cases due to the failure of Conway's staff to disclose exculpatory (Brady) material to the defense. This has caused even Democratic lawyers to state that they will vote for anyone but Conway.

Conway's heart is not in the job of Attorney General. Perhaps he could ignore that reality the last two years, as he ran for U.S. Senate, but no longer. He doesn't want the job of Kentucky Attorney General. And he doesn't deserve it.

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