Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jack's Colorful Metaphor

Turns out Jack Conway can turn a phrase, as well as heads. The C-J quotes Conway as saying that he regrets his Aqua Buddha ad, and said it was a "strong as mule's breath."

I must admit I have never heard that expression. But like most everything Conway does, it seems phony -- the city slicker from Louisville trying to sound folksy, much like he did at Fancy Farm when he proclaimed himself "one tough son of a bitch."

Jack Conway ran a horse in the Derby, so he's been around thoroughbreds. Nonetheless, it's a little hard to imagine Conway getting within sniffing range of a mule's mouth.

His choice of expression was also peculiar given that the Democratic Party's mascot is a donkey. I envision a Republican ad with the Democratic donkey mascot, and a voice-over by Jack Conway: "strong as mule's breath."

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