Friday, November 2, 2012

Chris Christie Robocalls for Brooks Wicker

The only Robocall that could have been worse for a Republican is Michael "hold the trans fats" Bloomberg.

I feel so sorry for Brooks Wicker. They guy is running a campaign on no money, and he takes what little he has to Robocall with Chris Christie, right after the guy man hugs Obama.  We all get that Christie needs federal money for New Jersey.  Still, the bromance was enough to make a conservative retch.

By praising the president this close to the election, Christie has disqualified himself from national office.

I only wish Christie had really been on the phone so I could tell him off.

Of course, none of this is Brooks Wicker's fault. Republicans owe him gratitude for running in a district where he is so out-registered as to have no chance. It is essential for the strength of the party that we field a candidate for every contest, even where the odds are this long. Thank you, Brooks, for taking on this Herculean task.

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