Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kentucky Secession Signatures Double Since Yesterday

Yesterday, we noted that 4,573 Kentuckians had signed a petition to secede from the United States.  The petition, at Whitehouse.gov, now has 12,656 signatures.  It's half-way to the point where the White House will respond  to the petition, under its own rules. Voters from a growing number of other states, meanwhile, are filing their own petitions.

Here's the link if you want to sign.

At this rate, there will be enough signatures to require a White House response by the end of the week. What form might that response take?  I am reminded of when my son wrote to Obama last year with serious concerns about the amount of federal debt that the administration is saddling his generation with.

Obama's response:  a photograph of his dog, Bo.

All you signatories of the secession petition should be on the lookout for something similar, paid for with your tax dollars.

Still, the beauty of the secession petition is to give a grassroots, organic reminder to the Obama administration that despite reelection, it has no mandate.

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