Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Subpoena Time

House Republicans initially requested David Petreaus and Hillary Clinton to testify before Congress voluntarily. It is clear that they will not come voluntarily, but no matter:  Congress has the authority to issue subpoenas, and should do so here.

That's the only way the public has a chance of learning the truth about what happened in Benghazi.  And even with the testimony, under oath of Petraeus and Clinton we may still never know the entire truth.

The Petraeus affair is giving rise to all sorts of conspiracy theories. I do not think that Petraeus was falling on his sword for the administration by resigning.  To the contrary, he has more freedom to speak the truth about Benghazi now that he has admitted to the affair.  Had he not, he could have been subject to blackmail.  We know that the FBI has been investigating this for months, and if the information had made it to Eric Cantor, it probably made its way to various people in the administration, as well.

The timing is, to say the least, peculiarly coincidental.

Regardless of his testimony about Benghazi, Petraeus and his family need our prayers. He has served his country brilliantly for many years, like another David who lived three thousand years ago and fell subject to the same sin.

I'm not condoning the affair, but just putting it in context,  He is a patriot.  He deserves our thanks, particularly on Veteran's Day.

But he really needs our prayers.

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