Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let the Impeachment Hearings Begin

The one silver lining in Obama's reelection is that he will now be held accountable, as a sitting president, for Benghazi.

Obama lied, people died.

The CBS tape proves that Obama lied to the American people, on the stump and in the debates.  The fact that CBS sat on the tape until the Sunday before the election shows that we can no longer count on  the media -- with the exception of Fox and Foreign Policy magazine  -- to get to the truth of what the administration knew and when it knew it.

Look for Hillary Clinton to stick around as Secretary of State just to do damage control.

Our military is entitled to know if their Commander in Chief has their back. And by the way, if he truly does, in addition to answering their cries for help, how about delivering their ballots in a timely manner so they can have a say in picking their Commander in Chief?

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