Monday, November 12, 2012

Sign Your Kentucky Secession Petition?

The Daily Caller reports that citizens from 20 states -- including Kentucky -- have launched  secession petitions on the White House's web-site.

It gets even more bizarre:  as of this writing 5,373 people have signed the Kentucky petition -- since November 10.

That leaves 19,627 signatures needed before the petition triggers an "official response" from the White House, and only one month to compile the signatures.  This is not a constitutional provision but rather something that the White House web site "We the People" program invented. (Hey, this administration invented a fake presidential seal in 2008, so coming up with rules for seceding from the Union is nothing.)

The text of the Kentucky petition essentially tracks the Declaration of Independence.

It seems you cannot sign the petition without creating a account, which I declined to do for fear that unmanned drones would start circling my house.

 I could not see who had signed the Kentucky petition. If someone wants to sign it and let me know whether you can view who else signed, let me know. The website apparently does not reveal last names, but we're a small state, we can figure out who's who.

We need to make sure that people from other states aren't signing our petition for us, to get rid of us! That could be how California and New York finally escape their mortifying association with  us flyover states, although frankly, it would be their loss.

Sure, many of us are disappointed with the election. But I'm not so certain that Kentucky should secede.  If we do, who will pick up the tab when our state pension plan goes bust?

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I'm just saying: said...

I wasn't going to sign if for the same reasons, but I figure I'm already on their radar. This petition isn't going to make a difference with them. And besides:
To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.