Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"A Christian, Conservative and Republican, In That Order"

Indiana Governor Mike Pence just delivered a speech replete with self deprecating humor and modesty. He also came across as trustworthy and solid while embracing his role as the "softer" side of the ticket, as well as the man who will bring most if not all of the voters that Cruz has claimed -- those who are "Christian, conservative and Republican, in that order," as Pence described himself. Three attributes that Cruz would have us believe aren't "New York values." Regardless of the truth of that claim, any perception that Trump doesn't represent the rightward side of the party is dispelled by his choice of a running mate. Pence gave a reliable Midwestern stump speech for the New Yorker. Pence confirmed that Trump made the right choice to balance the ticket both geographically and politically. As the delegates chanted, "We like Mike!"

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